Behind the Name: DRBrooklyn730

So its time to clear up the mystery that still exists around my username.

The name can be broken down into 3 parts:

DR –  Brooklyn – 730

DR stands for Dominican Republic (no I am not a doctor sadly lol). My parents were born and raised in that country. I visit our family that lives there every year so I consider it home as well.

Brooklyn stands for Brooklyn, NY, where I grew up. Brooklyn is not as bad as everyone says. It has its good parts and it has its bad parts (just like anywhere else in the world). I’ve lived in both. Brooklyn is also home to my favorite rapper: The Notorious B.I.G. I love Jay-Z too.

730 stands for my birthday. What what! lol. July 30th, 1987 🙂

It is pronounced D-R-Brooklyn-730.

I’m not one of those people who get upset when people mispronounce things but I get many questions on my username. Hope that cleared up some of those questions.

Glossy Kissez,


16 thoughts on “Behind the Name: DRBrooklyn730

  1. That’s funny, cuz I always thought DR in your screename meant Dominican Republic. LOL.

    I didn’t realized that other folks don’t say DR as an abbreviation for the country. It must be a NYC thing. I’m from Brooklyn too! 🙂


    • It must be a NYC thing. Maybe if they could tell I was Dominican they made the connection. Its crazy how many people don’t get that I am Dominican at all. I figured I would clear it up because I don’t want people going around thinking I’m a doctor or something lol.


      • As soon as I saw you in YT I could tell that u were Dominican and of course the DR is a dead give away, but you are the typical Dominican beauty. I am also from the Dominican Republic, from a little pueblo called Villa Altagracia but I live in NYC and also love and blog about makeup, so we have a lot in common. I’ll be a regular on your blog cause I know I will love them as much as your videos. The best of luck with everything and I hope your dream of becoming a professional makeup artist come true!


  2. The other day my brother told me that 730 meant CRAZY in police language or something.

    The first thing that popped in my head was ‘She’s Crazy?’ HaHa!


  3. =]
    I’ve always known what the DR stood for because I’m dominican and I also leave in Brooklyn YAYYY!! It’s totally a NYC thing haha.


  4. it must def. be a ny thing…it was always kinda obvious to me what the breakdown was

    i live in atlanta and when i say PR or DR, people look at me like “huh?” lol


  5. I figured the DR out long ago but anyway, great post and I am extremely loving it because we share the same birthday. So weird but so cool too! I was born 7.30.82. It would be even more weird if we both were left handed! Great blog by the way. i need to seriously quit procrastinating on my own blog.


  6. I saw your link on my stats page, so I thought I would say hello. Come over and visit some time. The animals are always looking for fans. Thanks again for visiting.


  7. Hey there! I just stumbled across your blog and I had to find out if the DR meant what I thought it did. It’s funny that being born and raised in the heights, I didn’t realize that once I left NY I wouldn’t find so many Dominicans elsewhere. I now live in North Carolina and last month I texted one of the military spouses I know here that I had just come back from the DR. She responded with, “Omg, are you ok? What did the doc say?” It was so strange to me that she didn’t get it.
    Anyway, I love your videos and just wanted to say good luck with all your future endeavors, chica! 😉


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