Obsession: Steve Madden

The shoe equivalent of my MAC addiction would be Steve Madden. I love their large selection of shoes that are stylish and are great quality. From embellishments to brights to basics Steve Madden always has me covered.

The shoes I’ve been musing on recently:

Steve Madden - Raccer


With so many gold accessories I need a pair of gold sandals for nights out in the city. The platforms on these sandals make the heels a lot more comfortable.

Steve Madden - Soya


The zipper detailing on these sandals make these sandals stand out.

Steve Madden -Tayla


I love anything with ankle straps so these shoes landed on my wish list right away. Sexy!

View a snippet of my collection:

Steve Madden - Intyce


I left these boots in my hotel room in Berlin and loved them so much that I ordered another pair to replace them. They have been a staple in my wardrobe for the past 2 years.

Steve Madden - Trinitie


I love wearing bright colors. These shoes will definitely make you the center of attention. These pumps make your legs look fierce!

Steve Madden - Kobraa


I think everyone needs a pair of black flats. My heels are very sensitive and blister easily, so flats that are soft and flexible in the heel area are a must. I love these flats so much that I am already on my third pair. I am not kidding when I say that when I love something I wear it to death.

Is there a shoe store/brand that you’re obsessed with? Share by leaving a comment below.

Glossy Kissez,


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9 thoughts on “Obsession: Steve Madden

  1. i need tayla, intyce, and trinitie in my life…so pretty

    ever since i bought a pair of tahari wedges about a yr. ago i’ve been in love with a lot of shoes from that designer… and the gucci marion heels, but that’s so far out of my college student budget i just look + keep it moving


  2. I’m obsessed with their Barbyy sandals, or however it’s spelled. When I’m not being lazy I’ll bring myself to the mall and buy them. SM is my obsession too. Their heels are so comfortable to me. My friends think I’m just saying that to justify my purchases but they really are more comfortable than a lot of other brands out there.


  3. My two loves- makeup and SHOES!!!!! OMG, I love Guess shoes. I think I am beyond obsessed with them. I need to expand cause I think I only shop there for shoes and purses now lol. The higher the heel the better. And if they hurt, well at least you look fab so you get something out of it. 😛

    Oh I love Aldo shoes too. I’m not sure if they have it in NY. I’m in Chicago.


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