Poll: Shoe Collection Video

After writing a post on my love of Steve Madden shoes, I feel like making a video on my shoe collection and show you what my style is like in something besides makeup.

Would you be vehemently opposed to a video of my shoe collection? So much so that you would unsubscribe to me on YouTube? Vote in the poll below.

Glossy Kissez,



8 thoughts on “Poll: Shoe Collection Video

  1. I absolutely love heels, my favorite go to site for shoes is amiclubwear.com. Their shoes are really cute and good prices.


  2. Hello lovely, my answer is a resounding yes!!! I would love to see more of your style (and I’m sure all your many many subscribers would agree)! 😀 Do it! 😉 xxx


  3. Yes absolutely. we already know u have good taste in makeup cant wait to see the shoes.

    amiclubwearshoes.com shoes are cute.


  4. of course you should! i think most girls who love make-up like to look nice over-all and shoes are a huge part of that

    personally i’m shoe obsessed so i’d want to see anyway lol


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