Music: Best I Ever Had – Drake

I don’t know about your city but I can’t go anywhere in New York without hearing this song about 5 times. It is this years “Umbrella” over here. New York radio stations: I love this song, please don’t make me hate it. lol

Feel free to let us know what your answer was in the comments with the city that you’re from.

Listen to the song after the jump… 

Glossy Kissez,



22 thoughts on “Music: Best I Ever Had – Drake

  1. I live in atlanta and I don’t really listen to radio here -it’s not even close to nyc radio…i stream wendy williams @ work lol- but whenever I do that song is in rotation.


  2. I voted “Drake, who?” LOL! I have no idea who Drake is. That’s by choice. I usually don’t listen to any R&B and Hip-Hop past the year 1997.

    But girl, I DO remember when Umbrella was played on the constant. Geez Louise!!


  3. I don’t listen to the radio here in Chicago but I did catch it for the first time on Hot 97’s webstream last night. I like it & when I asked my friend does it get alot of airplay here she says it does.

    I’m like Erin who posted above me, I mostly listen to R&B from the 90s & earlier.


  4. Uhhhgggg tell me about it ! I live in the Heights and I hear it everyday walking home from the train station. I am an 80’s baby (love old school) and think rap is lame now, but this is ok.


  5. Yes, especially since this is hometown (Toronto), I’m getting really tired of it, i don’t wanna hate it, but its coming to that *-_-*


  6. I live in queens! They play this song everyday especially hot 97 and power 105… and I still have it in my zune.. now I’m gettin tired n startin to hate it!! Lol


  7. OMG! If I hear this song one more time while walking in Brooklyn, I’ll flip. Anytime the weather cool, you hear people bumpin’ this song…thank god it’s been raining and people have their windows up! lol

    I’m over this song. Quick.


  8. yeah im late to comment but im in philly and they play it all the time the regular and the remix i love both versions but there killing me softy with the replays….


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