Haul: MAC Naked Honey, MAC PRO, and The Container Store

MAC Naked Honey, MAC PRO, The Container Store Haul

I took a trip to MAC PRO in New York to check out the Naked Honey collection with Ramnari7 from YouTube. After checking out the items on my wish list, I only picked up 2 items from the collection:

Queen Bee Lipglass, Pollinator Eye Shadow

Pollinator Eye Shadow, Queen Bee Lipglass

Pollinator Eye Shadow, Queen Bee Lipglass

I am not a collector. I only bought the items that stood out to me and that were not similar to items that I already own. I did not care for the body products. I did not pick up the salve. The price may put you off but I guarantee you…there is A LOT of product in there.

Since I was already at MAC PRO I picked 3 neon PRO pigments:

Neo-Orange, Red Electric, Full Force Violet Pigment

Swatches: Neo-Orange, Red Electric, Full Force Violet Pigment

Neo-Orange, Red Electric, Full Force Violet

I’m really into bright colors, so they caught my eye right away.

The next stop was The Container Store, which is a short walk over. I picked up a 14-DVD Acrylic Rack for my MAC palettes.

The Container Store 14-DVD Acrylic Rack

The rack holds the 15x eye shadow palette and blush palette perfectly. You may have seen these in other YouTube beauty gurus’ videos.



Did you pick anything up from MAC’s Naked Honey collection? Share in a comment below.

Glossy Kissez,


Quick Tip: Not a MAC PRO member?Don’t live near a MAC PRO store? No problem. You can place orders over the phone at 1-800-866-6464.


23 thoughts on “Haul: MAC Naked Honey, MAC PRO, and The Container Store

  1. Hey girl. I loove ur vids. your s pretty and talented. i also have full force violet and have never used it because i can never get it to apply properly on the eye. do u have any tips or are u using it for other places?


  2. hello! I really enjoy your videos. I look for them everyday. This is my first time posting a comment though. I like your honesty about products you like or don’t like. Keep up the good work!


  3. Hi! First of all I love your videos. Just a question about the lipgloss does it have green reflects in it? Also is the Pollinator color since it is a Frost and I have problems working with frost es is this one an easy buildable color to work with? Also I was told that is looks peachy in the pot but kinda pinky on warm skintones???


    • I did not notice any green reflects in the lipglass. Frosts tend to be easy to work with for me, I did not notice any particular problems with Pollinator, I kept building layers of color until I got the intensity I wanted. The eye shadow does look like more of a peachy pink on my skin. The swatch shoes the color accurately.


  4. those neon pigments are too bold for me. I have viva glam V and it looks similar to Queen bee lip glass.. Nice haul though 🙂


  5. LOL….I said before that I was not excited about this collection….but as ALWAYS…I ended up getting all the e/s and the l/g. *shame on me*

    I have no self-control….LOL.


  6. I love your youtube videos and now your blog! I have the same skin tone/color as you and i went out and bought MAC pollinator today because it looked so pretty on you, so I’m hoping it will look half as good on me haha. Keep up the blog and the videos, you’re gorgeous! Oh and I bought the UANS therapi reconstructor to help tame my wild and curly hair. Thanks for the recommendation.


  7. I actually picked up the exact same items as you from the Naked Honey collection. Overall I wasn’t impressed with the collection, I originally intended on only purchasing Pollinator eye shadow but the Queen Bee lipglass caught my attention too. I’m so loving coral, peachy tones at the moment. So I’m satisfied with my purchases. 🙂


  8. I might.. get something Monday as a b-day treat. I’ve been trying NOT to buy make up but that naked honey collection looks tempting.


  9. Let me start by saying I love, love, love your videos. Keep them coming. I do some freelance work, have never gone to school because Michigan does not require that you be certified. However I am interested in a certificate online makeup artistry program, can you recommend any?


  10. Thanks for the awesome haul. I was just wondering, do you have a pro card? I’m just a freelancer but my wallet would definitely love having one 🙂


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