Tutorial: Beachy Wavy Hair

My first hair tutorial. Yay! This hair style is inspired by Paulina Rubio, a Latin American pop star. There are tons of videos on how to get beachy waves using different techniques. In this tutorial I started out with straight hair that is a few days old. It is easier to style hair that is a few days old vs. freshly washed hair.

Products and Tools

  • BaByliss PRO Triple Barrel Porcelain Ceramic Iron
  • Bumble and bumble does it all styling spray
  • UANS Molding Paste – if you’re interested check out my UANS contest video to find out how you can get a $5 gift certificate to use on the UANS website. Shipping to the U.S. is now $3.50. Free shipping on orders over $50.


  1. Section and clip hair into manageable sections.
  2. Spray the section you’re working on with a heat protecting spray. Follow the directions on the bottle for details on when to apply the heat.
  3. Create waves with the wave maker.
  4. Allow hair to cool. Remember not to touch hair until it is completely cool so you do not lose the waves.
  5. Work your fingers through your hair to break up some of that wave.
  6. For added texture work a small amount of molding paste through the hair.
  7. Continue to break up the waves until you reach your desired look.

Here is a link to one of my favorite Paulina Rubio music videos.

Glossy Kissez,


Quick Tip: use heated tools sparingly and make sure to use a product to protect your hair from the heat when using them.


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