Muse: Rihanna


Rihanna is one of my makeup inspirations. Her makeup ranges from classic to edgy. Her makeup style usually matches the style of her outfits. It helps her achieve an overall look, which is the approach I take on every time I do my makeup for a special occasion. 

Some of my favorite makeup looks worn by Rihanna:


I am loving bright colors at the moment. I use MAC’s Pharaoh paint pot (Limited Edition – Alexander McQueen) and Make Up For Ever Eye Shadow in #171 to recreate that green lid color.


That heavy winged eyeliner is fierce!



I recreated this girly look for my senior formal:



The dress is from Guess by Marciano.



I like the punch of color on the lower lash line. It is quick and simple to do when I am in a rush.



Blue mascara is coming back. I like the pairing with the purple lipstick.


Who is your makeup muse?

Glossy Kissez,




22 thoughts on “Muse: Rihanna

  1. I like Rihannas style but I looove her makeup ..Her skin always looks soo bright and highlighted if that makes sense…. Its just


  2. Whoever is her makeup artist is they sure know how to beat a face!Somehow I’m starting to like Katy Perry, but my makeup muse would probably be Aishwarya Rai.That woman is gorgeous.


  3. I am with you hands down rihanna is my 1st makeup muse. I also like christina aguilera because her look changes often solange I’m not a fan of the knowles camp but i can’t front she has good makeup. I’m a fan of people who have fun and have a range. Although its always flawless I don’t get why so many people like kim k. Look. She nailed the smokey eye light lip but 2 much of a good think is no bueno. Ok I’m done haha I practically wrote a blog my damn self


  4. I agree with you all! Rihanna is my makeup muse as well, Her makeup artist does an amazing job. DRBrooklyn, your skin looks flawless on your videos too. I can tell when you wear the Makeup Forever Foundations your skin looks amazing. Your last Youtube video MakeupForever haul reminds me of Rhianna. By the way,
    You look pretty on your picture as well.


  5. I love your makeup videos and now I love even more, Rihanna is my flawless makeup muse!
    The colors, the cat eye in different ways, and now her new dos with the blue eyeshadows and eyeliners are just amazing!

    Thank you, for the inspiration and the videos!

    Kisses from Brazil!


  6. I love your makeup videos and now I love even more!
    Rihanna is flawless, her foundation and most important the different colors that she uses are just amazing.
    I am in love with her new do, with blue eyeshadow and eyeliner.

    Thanks for the amazing videos and inspirations!

    Kisses from Brazil!


  7. Her makeup is always, always on point.
    I did one of her looks with a bright blue lid and lots of black eyeliner. I saw it on one of pixiwoo’s tutorials and was inspired. I used Freshwater on the lid, black winged liner, black in the waterline, nothing on the lower lashline (which I liked a lot more than I thought I would), and lots of black mascara. Anyway, enough with my boring details, she is truly a makeup (and fashion) inspiration to me.

    You looked gorgeous at your senior formal btw. 🙂


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