Tutorial: Frizz Free Curls

My hair type is curly and thin. After years of struggling with frizz in the summer, I found a way to wear my hair naturally and frizz-free. It is a great way for me to give myself and my hair a break from weekly roller sets and blowouts at the hair salon.

My steps to frizz free curls:

  1. Wash hair with shampoo
  2. Condition hair for 5 minutes with UANS Therapi Reconstructor
  3. Detangle hair with a wide tooth comb with treatment still in hair
  4. Rinse out 90% of the treatment 
  5. Squeeze water out of my hair (DO NOT use a towel to dry your hair, the terry material causes frizz and disturbs your natural curl)
  6. Rub Redken’s Anti-Frizz Shiner (from Curl Boost line) between palms and distribute through hair using scrunching motions (DO NOT run fingers through hair or use a comb to distribute the product). I use about 2 pumps, depending on your hair’s length you may want to use more or less.
  7. Distribute UANS Volumizing Mousse throughout hair using scrunching motions. I use about 3 generous pumps.
  8. Let air dry. Do not touch hair until it is completely dry.

Other helpful tips from my viewers:

  • Still feel the need to use something other than your hands to squeeze the water out of your hair? Use an old t-shirt or a micro fiber towel.
  • Want to part your hair? Part it while your hair is still soaking wet before your natural curls start to form to prevent disturbing the natural formations and cause frizz.
  • Sleep with silk pillow cases to preserve the style (silk pillow cases are also great for your skin)

During the summer I wash my hair once a week. If I feel like I need to freshen up my curls I do not use shampoo, I just rinse my hair and follow the steps starting from step 2.

Share your tips for getting frizz free curls by leaving a comment below.

Glossy Kissez,


One thought on “Tutorial: Frizz Free Curls

  1. might want to check out naturallycurly.com!~ there’s a lot of amazing information that’s specifically for people with curly hair (:


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