Trend: Partially Shaved Head


Singer Cassie

Recently Bad Boy records artist Cassie caused a stir on the internet when she released pictures of her half shaved head via Twitter. While people shaving half of their hair off is nothing new, I became concerned that this may become a trend in local neighborhoods when a few days later La La Vazquez (former MTV VJ/NBA star Carmelo Anthony’s wife) joined the club.

La La Vazquez

Former MTV VJ La La Vasquez

Vote in my poll and check out pictures of ladies that have been rockin’ the partial shave before Cassie and La La:

Selma Blair

Actress Selma Blair


Singer Kelis

Melody Eshani

Designer Melody Ehsani

Alice Dellal

Model Alice Dellal

Jack Davey

Singer Jack Davey

Some people do it for a good cause but would shave your head for fashion or just to prove you are bad (that’s why Cassie did)?

Glossy Kissez,



15 thoughts on “Trend: Partially Shaved Head

  1. cassie did it for attention just like her nude pics.

    The actresses and models did it for roles and pictures…

    La-la did it because she went “hollywierd” and kelis IS weird…

    definitely ugly..


  2. its ok…but i think its funny how no one made a big deal when Erykah Badu did it years ago……shaved her whole head and she looked gorgeous….i dont think anyone can rock it like Ms. Badu 🙂


  3. i love it!!!! i’ve shaved part of my head for about a year now and its the best hair cut i’ve ever had. sure about 6 or 7 famous people have done it, but when you’re in the real world and half of your head is shaved and you see some one else with the same hair cut it rules


  4. I have to damit i absolutely love it! I think La La’s look the best though. I would opt for the partial faux shaved head look(cornrows or flat twists on one side and section of the hair). If i wasnt it such a staunch work environment i would rock it!


  5. LOL! This is so funny because my mom says that when I was like 3 or 4 years old I wanted to cut my hair like this! I begged her to shaved one side off and wear the rest to the side! She didn’t let me but that goes to show that I would’ve been the creator of the look! LOL! But seriously I think you need to have a beautiful face to pull that off. I don’t really like Cassie but her face is gorgeous so she pulls it off!


  6. La La’s style actually looks cute cause it looks like she just put her hair back. i guess it’s cause it doesn’t look as grainy as the others.


  7. I did it! I loved it. I started just a lil like Selma’s then I got a lil more brave and did more like La La’s and even put the lines in it. What I love about it is I have a ton of hair and when i’m at work, I part it down the middle and no one knows until I flip it back over. I know I’m a female and everything but I wanna put some designs in it like the brothers do. I’ve got lots of feedback. Surprisingly chicks dig it and dudes are like sketchy about it.


  8. Selma’s looks alot like Ellie Goulding’s Halcyon cover. She shaved hers over a year ago as well. And then I was like “the heck with it I’m jumping off a bridge with everyone else, I’ll shave mine like Ellie’s.” DIdn’t get a fancy cut. I wanted something I could upkeep myself. Harder than I thought to take electric razer and look behind my ears at the same time!


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