Haul: Sephora and MAC

Costa Chic lipstick (by MAC), Euro Beat Dazzleglass (by MAC), Gloss Pur 4 (by YSL)

Costa Chic Lipstick (by MAC), Euro Beat Dazzleglass (by MAC), 4 Gloss Pur (by YSL)

I picked up Costa Chic and Euro Beat to have another killer coral lip combo. I have revealed my obsession with coral lips in the summer multiple times. I wanted to try a Gloss Pur because it has no shimmer but the low color pay off makes this gloss not worth the money.


MAC Eye Shadow

Naked Lunch, Retrospeck, All That Glitters, Motif, Soft Brown, Saddle, Soba eye shadow by MAC


Swatches 0704

Naked Lunch, Retrospeck, All That Glitters, Motif, Soft Brown, Saddle, Soba eye shadow by MAC

I got a few lighter/neutral eye shadows from MAC. I do so many dramatic looks and needed a few more colors to do some lighter looks. The camera does not truly show what Motif looks like in person. You can see the pink but it doesn’t pick up the glow.


Haul 0704

Sephora Large Brush Holder and Sephora by OPI nail polish in Metro Chic

I’ve had that Sephora Large Brush Holder on my wish list for a long time! So happy I finally got it. It has 2 dividers so you can divide your brush collection into 3 sections.

I wanted to try out a Sephora by OPI nail polish and decided to start out with Metro Chic because of fellow YouTuber lollipop26’s recommendation in one of her videos.

Glossy Kissez,




13 thoughts on “Haul: Sephora and MAC

  1. OMG… I’m so excited about the new release on Thursday at MAC. I just went to a store today and one of the girls showed me a sneak peek of what was in the collection. She showed me the eyeshadows and blush/bronzer. Crazy pretty!!


  2. I was expecting a video on this. I came here and said “Ooh,ok”. my sephora brush holder is on it’s way and I’m excited. I have one ysl gloss, the gold one, but I don’t use it b/c the scent and taste annoy the hell out of me.It is pretty, though.


  3. AHHH! That brush holder has been on my list FOREVER! I’m always just like, “This much for THAT?” But since I’m switching apartments… I think I’ll use that as an excuse to buy it because hell, why not?


  4. Hey there,

    I love all your tutorials and think you do a grand job! I was wondering if you take requests and if you do, would love to see if you could replicate the look Kate Hudson wore in the last (wedding) scene of Bride Wars. Its like a lilacy, pinky, smoky eye. Thanks 🙂


  5. hi there,

    this question may be a little out there,but i’ll ask anyway. i want to get some mac brushes,and there is mac store here in leicester,england where i live,but i wanted to see if i can get a set on ebay (budget yeah) anyhow is there a seller that you can recommend? i know there’s some fakes out there–or do you sell any on ebay that is if you have an account. but any help you can give me would be most appreciated. i apologise for the weird comment lol. but if it comes to it’d i’d get it from the store.


    • I have only purchased a mac brush from ebay once and it was fake. After that experience I never purchased brushes on ebay again. It was a you get what you pay for moment. I would recommend buying them from the store. Think of it as an investment.


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