I’m in Seventeen Magazine

Seventeen August 2009

August issue of Seventeen

I’m so excited to tell you that I am in the August issue of Seventeen magazine! This would not have been possible without all of your wonderful support so thank you!

I am part of their Beauty Smarties project. They found 10 real girls on YouTube and we will be creating exclusive videos for them on their website. You can check my video on how to get flawless summer skin on their website. While you’re there you can also check out a behind the scenes video of a photo shoot that four of the Beauty Smarties (including me yay!) took part in this spring in New York.

Many of my viewers raved about the makeup I wore in my Top  10 eye shadow video, that was the makeup from the photo shoot, I did not want to take it off when the shoot was done lol.

It was an amazing experience. I would like to thank everyone who made that day great and made me look fab: Meredith from Seventeen, Kelli from Seventeen, Bradley who did my hair, Keiko who did my makeup, Ana who fixed my nails, Sarra Fleur the photographer, the stylist and everyone else who made it happen.


10 thoughts on “I’m in Seventeen Magazine

  1. congratulations! you all look so amazing! i’m so proud of you, you’re becoming so successful 🙂 and i’m a recent subscriber but i’m already loving your videos (even though the sound can be low sometimes)


  2. Congrats!!!!!! i’m so happy for you!!!I’m so proud to be one of your subbies!!! I hope this brings so much well deserved attention and will help you progress in your future in beauty… You’re a great guru and i’ve always loved you’re tutorials so again congrats and wish u all the best hope all is well…


  3. felicidades otra vez!
    i was just wondering in that vid on the website the buffer brush you used, is that the le one like mac 183? i looked in all your other vids but didn’t see it :-/ i was also gonna send you a msg on youtube but we aint amigas yet!
    thanks chica!


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