Luxe Obsession: Coach

It seems like I’m more obsessed with accessories than any other thing in fashion. Coach is another accessories brand that I love. I used to rock the Coach sneakers with the matching wristlet a few years back. I still have my small Coach bag in black in the signature Coach print that I purchased in high school.

Coach handbags are worth the money because Coach is one of those brands that offers exceptional quality and lasts forever (in my opinion of course).

Check out the handbags I’ve been daydreaming about recently:

Coach Groovy Handbag

Groovy Handbag 

Style/Color: Black (more colors avail.)

Retail Price: $198

Coach Magazine Tote

Magazine Tote

Style/Color: Black (more colors avail.)

Retail Price: $478

Coach Poppy Swingpack

Poppy Swingpack

Style/Color: Black (more colors avail.)

Retail Price: $128

Coach Sequin Spotlight

Sequin Spotlight

Style/Color: Silver

Retail Price: $398

That Magazine Tote would be the perfect work handbag. Are you a Coach fan?

Glossy Kissez,




4 thoughts on “Luxe Obsession: Coach

  1. I absolutely loooove Coach as well..and i still rock the wristlets and the sneakers i think that will never go out of style….Macy’s actually had a huge sale on their shoes not too long ago and i got 2 pairs of Coach sneakers and a cute pair of Coach Loafers for 140.00. it was crazy i saved well over 200.00..anyways i love all those pocket books too..i’m so over the traditional logo’d ones there are too many knockoffs with that..thanks for sharing!


  2. Hello…I just wanted to say that there are alot of other designers to considers before you make your investment. I say investment because they can get expensive! Right now I love Kooba, Botkier, Rebecca Minkoff, Treejse, & many others. Look at your local Saks outlet, Nordstrom Rack, or online for great deals.


    • I just like those bags. I’m not actually going to go out and buy them all. That’s why they are luxe obsessions. If I had the luxury of being able to buy them all maybe I would lol. I like other brands too.


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