Poll: Eyebrow Grooming

My tutorial on how I do my eyebrows got a lot of reactions from my viewers. You seemed especially responsive when it came to how you get your eyebrows shaped. I liked to get my eyebrows waxed, but the method has lost some popularity because it can cause wrinkles. I read an article in a magazine (which I cannot find at the moment but if you read this too let me know where) that up until you are in your 30s it is fine to wax because your skin has the elasticity to snap back into place.

I had no intentions on changing my ways until I received multiple comments on YouTube, Twitter, and even here on my blog that I should try threading. I admit that I am scared of threading. As I mentioned before, even watching someone else get their eyebrows threaded is nauseating. In New York they love having a TV screen in the window of places that offer this service where you can see someone getting their eyebrows threaded live. But I have decided to face my fears and try it at least once.

All of this eyebrow grooming talk has me wondering how do you groom your brows?

Glossy Kissez,



11 thoughts on “Poll: Eyebrow Grooming

    • Threading-all the way! It hurts the first time, but it kinda numbs after a few plucks, and trust me, it produces the best shape! and it lasts the longest, IMO.


      • I completely agree. I thread my eyebrows every 2 1/2 – 3 weeks. I don’t trust myself when it comes to eyebrow grooming so I let this lady at a place nearby to do it and it only costs me 3$ 🙂


  1. I got my eyebrows threaded 2 weeks ago and it still looks the same.I love the results better than when I use to get them waxed.I had let my eyebrows grow out so they were looking pretty “whoooooosah” lol.


  2. I get my brows waxed. i have gotten them threaded before but i do not like the results. Ive gone to several places and the come out to severe looking for me. Plus it hurts more than waxing imo


  3. I get my eyebrows threaded every 2 weeks, they have a more natural shape when I get them threaded. Even though it hurts the first time, its definetly worth it. You get amazing results


  4. i want to get my eyebrows threaded but i am scared..a place just opened up here that does it. my cousin got it done and she saidit hurt a lot so im still unsure if i will do it


  5. I have heard threading hurts, but the results come out natural looking and make your eyes look awake due to the less amount of stray hairs. I’m considering threading. For now, I still tweeze (and it hurts).


  6. I have been waxing since since I was 13 or 14. I don’t have any wrinkles yet and I’m almost 30. I think it depends on your skin.

    I have tried threading before, I really didn’t feel any pain so you have nothing to really worry about. You are more likely to mess up with wax because threading is more precise. My hair grows like crazy so I prefer to wax because it lasts longer.


  7. Don’t be afraid of threading.. i love it!!! it pinches and i tear up but it doesn’t hurt as much as waxing to me…threading is perfect for b/c i have sensitive skin. Waxing breaks me out like crazy. Plus i have thin brows so threading allows more control on how much is taken off… I get the best results with less irritation… after that i just maintain the look by tweezing …

    if u can deal with tweezing then you can handle threading …. and trust me you don’t have to pay too much for it … I get it done for $5 at my local Indian salon… I don’t know how close you are to queens but there are a lot of Indian salons that do a great job for a reasonable price. I’m in LI but i used to make the trip until they open a salon near me …. i say this b/c i see a lot of places that try to charge 12 and up … i don’t want u to get robbed … anyway hope it goes well when you decide to try it


  8. threading makes my eyes tear EVERY time. i never got used to it PLUS if they mess up, it takes longer to grow back. i prefer waxing then maintaining it myself by tweezing. if i really get lazy, then i’ll get it waxed again but i prefer to do it myself.


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