Polished: OPI Russian Navy – Matte

OPI Russian Navy - Matte

Russian Navy – Matte

Description: Deep-Sea Indigo

Finish: Matte


OPI Russian Navy - Matte

One coat (no base coat or top coat)

OPI Russian Navy - Matte

Two coats (no base coat or top coat)

I could not wait to try a matte nail polish this season. I had been stalking a Ricky’s NYC for a while and when I finally saw the display, all the colors were gone except for the white shade called Alpine Snow (blah!). It would have cost me $15 there and thank goodness they didn’t have any of the colors I wanted to try because I remembered fellow YouTuber lollipop26’s video where she mentioned an eBay store that sells OPI color nail polishes for $4.75 called Jolie Beauty Supply. Shipping costs $2.50 for an item. If you purchase multiple items they reduce some of the shipping costs for each additional item (visit site for more details). I purchased 3 nail polishes and shipping came up to a total of $5.50. The savings were substantial relative to what I would have paid at Ricky’s.

Now onto what I think of the polish ha ha ha. One coat was almost perfect. The color was very opaque and went on virtually streak-free. If you’re a perfectionist like me you would go for a second coat just to make sure every thing is even and incase you missed a spot (I am not a pro lol). The instructions say to not use a base coat or a top coat and the polish dries within seconds so it is perfect if you need to paint your nails in a hurry. The finish is matte so there is no shine to it like a traditional polish.

Matte by OPI nail polishes, as mentioned in the tag accompanying the polish:

[…] does not wear as long as original OPI Nail Laquer.

This is certainly not an understatement since one day later the polish on one of my nails has already begun to chip. If you’re wearing this for a special event I recommend applying that same day.

Russian Navy – Matte is a fun change for me from the usual metallic and/or glossy navy nail polishes I like to wear in the Fall and Winter. I am daring when it comes to nail lacquers so this trendy finish is right up my alley.

Glossy Kissez,




One thought on “Polished: OPI Russian Navy – Matte

  1. I’m also crazy about matte polishes, I bought OPI RUssian Navy, You don’t know Jaques, and Lincoln Park after dark. but with all of them I have to apply at least 2 coats, because 1 coat looks uneven. but if I apply 2 coats, Russian Navy and Lincoln park after dark looks black in artificial light and almost black in sunlight. that dissapointed me a little, because I really like the deep purple of Lincoln park after dark. but here I can see you succeded using just 1 coat and it was even. how did you do it? did you have to be extra careful or apply it extra slow?
    one thing about these matte polishes: they dry VERY quickly (in like 3 seconds or so)!


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