Solange in Honey Magazine

Solange Honey Magazine


Solange looks fabulous in the photographs for an interview with Honey Magazine. Solange is as fearless with her makeup as she is with her style. Not afraid to try different things, she pulls off the black lipstick beautifully. Fresh off my MAC Style Black Collection haul I wanted to show you that even though I am not brave enough to go there, black lipstick can be worn well. 

Solange Honey Magazine

Side note: those Cesare Paciotti boots are killer. Musing of the Day! 

Charles Wade did the fierce styling in these photos. And celebrity makeup artist Jackie Gomez did the makeup that is worth heading over to the article to check out the rest of her looks.

Glossy Kissez,



2 thoughts on “Solange in Honey Magazine

  1. Solo is my new fashion boo. I am feeeening to shave my head again. Maybe next Spring. Getting cold. She is WORKING the photo shoot! Of course BEY will always be my number one doll…VIRGOS UNITED…lol


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