Eyeliner Woes

My watery eyes are my “Achilles heel” when it comes to makeup. I don’t mind reapplying eyeliner but I have yet to find an eyeliner that will stay longer than 10 minutes on my waterline.

I have tried:

  • Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner – partially came off within 15 minutes.
  • MAC Fluidline – not safe for the waterline for a reason. This baby burned.
  • MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil – the infamous Feline runs all over the place.
  • Stila Kajal Eyeliner – just as runny as Feline.
  • MAC Technakohl Eyeliner – didn’t last.
  • MAC Eye Kohl – bust.
  • Setting it with eye shadow trick – wild guess…didn’t do the trick either.
  • NARS Eye Liner Pencil – womp womp womp!
  • Benefit Bad Gal – No surprise here.

This is not to say that these eyeliners are bad. These lemons end up being used on my lids and lash-line. Many people praise these liners that work for their waterlines. I am, however, a special case. Nothing I try works.

What are your holy grail eye liners that stay on your waterline without giving you raccoon eyes? Maybe your favorite will be the answer to my eyeliner woes.

Glossy Kissez,



20 thoughts on “Eyeliner Woes

  1. For my clients I have been using Bobbi Borwn’s Long Wear Gel Liner on the top lash line, under the eye I still use MAC eyeliners and set it with invisible powder that I have mixed with a little bit of Mario Badescu’s Silver Powder.


  2. My fave is called Smudgeliner from Annabelle, which is Canadian unfortunately. (but they ship to US tho) It’s cheap and it stays put. On the waterline, it may eventually fade if you’ve got a long day or watery eyes, but it doesn’t smudge. So if I’ve got allergies or I know I’ll be out all day and night I’ll bring it with me, but I have yet to reapply it during the day.


  3. Hm… Have you tried the aqua one from MUFE? Maybe you could try wiping any existing water off your waterline with a q-tip before applying a really waterproof liner so it can set on your skin.


  4. Hi there! i’ve been using 2 brands.. and well they work ok, lets be honest i dont realy think any eye liner will stay longer than 5 hr. The ones i use are, Milani Eye liner (the single one), this one is not smugy, it stays put for a good 4 to 5 hr… and it dosent get all over the place.. the other one is paladio black eyeliner, this one is a little bit more creamy, but not like the stila one, it stays better than the milani one but just dont put it in the tear duct. Good luck finding the one for you!


      • Hola Bonita! I have the same exact problem!!!!! and went through high end and low end eye liners from Chanel to any drug store brand i have very watery eyes and no matter what it leaves or smudges but i have found some with some hard searching that finally work for me !!! i have 3 one is clinique’s brush on cream liner in true black ( really good for the waterline! ) the second one is anna sui’s eyeliner pencil wp in # 001 and lastly mally beauty 24/7 professional eye lining system in crisp black. Please let me know if any of these work for you give me a shout out in one of your videos. Hope i helped.

        Mally Beauty you can get at Henri Bendel’s and the 24/7 professional eye lining system cost $ 25

        Clinique’s brush on cream liner ( safe for the waterline ) you can get at sephora and it costs $ 14.50

        Anna sui’s eye liner pencil wp in # 001 ( which is black ) costs $ 19 Anns Sui has a boutique in Soho not sure where but near the m.a.c store in soho.

        Hope i helped : )


  5. Urban Decay 24/7 is the only thing I’ve found that stays on my waterline for any amount of time without hurting my eyes… because I’m usually sensitive to stuff on my waterline I don’t wear it everyday, just for special occasions.


  6. I have watery eyes too,just like yours and it’s so bad,that if I get my makeup done for a special occasion ,as soon as the person has their hand near my eye,it starts to tear up lol.
    So far I’ve went through the same list as you,and had similar results,the one that’s working for now is the L’Oreal Hip Color Rich Cream Crayon in black (duh) lol. I only use it on the waterline and so far I’ve liked it…I had to re-apply on a few occasions..but you can try this. And hopefully it will work.


  7. DO NOT put the wet n’ wild too close to the inside of your eye its dangerous but if you put a thin line a safe distance for the inside of your eye its ok


  8. Hey C!

    I always put compact powder under my eyes as a 2 in 1 purpose thing. It sets the concealer in and stops the eyeliner from running. It also gives your liner a more “crisp” and tidy look and makes it last longer. If compact powder is too heavy (I sometimes double it as a concealer on its own) you can use translucent powder I guess. And this trick works with both water proof and normal eyeliners! I just entered the world of waterproof but the trick worked just fine before I discovered water proof liners. 🙂

    Here are my fave liners that lasted all day without touchups, gave GREAT BLACK payoff (I love super rich black liners, esecially since I’m on the darker side so I need real black to stand out):

    Non water proof:

    -Max Factor in black
    -Prestige in Onyx
    -Nouba in black from Mikyaji (it’s an Arabic brand, so I don’t think you’d come across this one)

    The water proof:

    -Clarin’s water proof one in black (with the smudger on the other side)
    -Lancome’s water proof one in black (with the smudger on the other side)
    -Aqua eyes MUFE in black (the pencil)

    All the above were listed in order of most loved to least…but they’re all AWESOME! and I live in Dubai, which is the hottest most humid place you can imagine…and these babies never failed me 🙂

    lemme know if any of these works!

    muchos loves…

    you’ve always given sooo much to us with your awesome tuts and blog entries, it feels AMAZING chipping in with our little attempts to give back a tad bit of the joy you so awesomely give us in our lives!

    glossy mwahz!

    xx xx xx


    • OH MY GOSH I TOTALLY FORGOT TO ADD! Bourjois clubbing water proof eyeliner in Party Black….it beats MUFE!!! it soooo creamy and stays on like nothing else…I heard a lot compare it to the Urban Decay 24/7


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  10. Out of all of the eyeliners I have, the two that worked the best for me were Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero and Bobbi Brown’s gel liner in Black Ink. The Bobbi Brown gel liner worked the best for me out of the two. I would say even try setting it with Carbon afterward for some extra staying power.


  11. i JUST got the chance to look at your last eye makeup video..and im here to tell u i had the SAME PROBLEM! i mustve tried over 10 diff pencil eyeliners but NONE OF THEM would stay on my water line, the only one that kinda did was the revlon colorstay eyeliner but it still smudged through the day. GEL/CREAM EYELINERS are what you need i PROMISE!! (: they will stay on ALL day! you can see it on both upper and lower water line! once their dry though.. their SET. a good one to try first is wet n wild cream liner its only 2.99 and JUST as good as the HIP CREAM liner who i foolishly bought twice when their about 12 bucks. and actually the wet n wild one is SO much better it lasts ALOT longer also since the HIP one is more of a “cream” rather than a gel. Mac which i know u like also has one but i would deff reccomend the wet n wild one!


  12. Hi, you should def. try the prestige total intensity eyeliner in deepest black, they have them at duane reade, and the make up forever aqua eyes….these are the only ones that really stay on my waterline, and I have many,


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