Muse: Megan Fox

Megan Fox 66th Annual Golden Globes

Megan Fox

Megan Fox knows how to make even a fresh faced makeup look smoldering. If you watch makeup tutorials on YouTube, you will find a litany of people attempting to recreate her looks. Stylistically Fox rarely disappoints. She is yet another celebrity with a good team behind her always making her look stunning.

Check out some of my favorite looks below:

Megan Fox Jennifers Body Toronto

@ Jennifer’s Body premier in Toronto

Megan Fox Letterman 62509

@ David Letterman in NYC

Megan Fox Transformers Tokyo

@ Transformers premier in Tokyo

Megan Fox Elle June 2009

On the June 2009 cover of Elle

Glossy Kissez,




2 thoughts on “Muse: Megan Fox

  1. Hey DB, can you show us how to do does dramatic waves like that through your youtube channel like Megan Fox in the second picture with the lace dress, that is super, super pretty! Even the makeup! Please, please, please, please!!!!!!


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