My Pants Are Too Long for Flats

My pants have been hemmed to wear with heels. That is a problem if your commute to work, like mine, is over an hour long by bus and/or train and you will most likely be standing on stilts the entire way. By the time I get to work my back is killing me and my feet have been obliterated by my uncomfortable heels. Wearing flats is not an option since I would rather hurt my back than ruin my expensive trousers.

I shared my gripes with one of the ladies I met at the GlamourGals Beauty Blogger Luncheon and right then and there she gave me the solution to all of my problems. She directed me over to where I scoured through the website to find the invention that will save the hems of my pants. The genius is called Zakkerz. See the video above to learn how it works.

Not only does Zakkerz claim to save my pants from getting giant holes on their hems, they also protect them from getting soaked in a muddy puddle on rainy days. I’m going to look mighty fine in rain boots and rolled up dress pants ha ha ha. Luckily I don’t care what I look like on my way to work as long as I look great when I’m in the office.

Upon discovering the Zackkerz website, I ordered a pair immediately, resisting the urge to buy 2 sets at once (one to keep at home and one to keep in my purse for the occasional surprise flash flood) to test one out first and see if they truly work. I’ll let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed!

Have you tried Zakkerz or is this post the answer to your prayers? Let us know in a comment below.

Glossy Kissez,



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