Haul: MAC Pret-A-Papier Collection

MAC Pret-A-Papier Collection

I stopped by the new MAC store in Times Square this week to check out the Pret-A-Papier collection.  I thought I was not going to pick up anything from the collection because it is for the neutral lovers out there, while I’m a lover of brights, but of course I still walked out with a few items.  My picks were: Dressmaker, Dressmaker Lipstick, Fold and Tuck Lipglass, Light Over Dark Mineralize Blush Duo and Tissueweight Eye Shadow.  Check out more pictures and swatches after the jump:  

MAC Pret-A-Papier Collection

MAC Pret-A-Papier Collection Swatches

Left Column: Dressmaker, Dreesmaker lipstick, Kraft lipstick, Archetype lipstick, Fold and Tuck lipglass, Pret-a-Papier lipglass, C-Thru lipglass, Light Over Dark Mineralize Blush Duo

Right Column:Tissueweight eye shadow, Bamboo eye shadow (you can’t see it because it is similar to my skin tone), Memorabilia eye shadow, Gazette Grey eye shadow, Cut to Fit eye shadow

Coral Crepe paint pot (top), Groundwork paint pot (bottom)

Instant Chic blush (the blush in Garb did not show up on my skin)

MAC Opulash mascara wand

When I finally found a free makeup artist to help me, she told me that they also had the new Opulash mascara.  I already had mascara on so I could not see this mascara work its magic. It is supposed to give you volume, which is what I look for in a mascara, and the dense brush looks like it can pack on the mascara onto your lashes.  I’ll have to pay the store another visit before I decide if this is something I need in my life.  I am devoted to CoverGirl Lash Blast so it would take some major volume for me to shell out the cash for MAC’s latest attempt at stepping up their mascara game.

Glossy Kissez,



7 thoughts on “Haul: MAC Pret-A-Papier Collection

  1. Love your choices!!

    Just wondering why didn’t the nude chromeliners(sp?) interest you?

    I mean I know you said, your more a “bright” girl lol.


  2. Good swatches girl but ive told myself no more makeup buying for a few months since I bought almost all the pearlglide liners and greasepaint sticks from the collection before this one (not pretty for the bank account but i LOVE sparkly liners lol). I LOVEEEE ur watch, I know its a Michael Kors but what is the model number? My bday is coming up and i’ve been hinting at the bf and my mom that I’d like an oversized gold watch *evil laugh* and I like urs so if I know the model number i can leave it somewhere for the bf to see LOL


    • I don’t know the model number but you could look for it on the michael kors website, and print out several copies of the watch and leave them around lol. Maybe the model number is MK-505? I have no clue.


  3. hey!

    just wondering which mac store is this that already has opulash out? I live in brooklyn too so I would love to stop by there!

    thanks ❤


  4. You have to try Opulash. I do not like to spend over $7 for mascara. But this I will buy. Also the tube is huge. I REALLY, REALLY, like it. It is a regular now in my make up kit.


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