Mid-Afternoon Break: May 6th, 2010

Had lunch at Schnippers again with the bf this time. I had some yummy mac and cheese and he had a bacon cheeseburger with a side of mac and cheese. I know, crazy, like the bacon cheeseburger isn’t one heart attack, but he is one of those people that can eat anything and not gain a pound.

Someone on Twitter asked me today what kind of diet I was on and I replied that it was the kind of diet where I don’t eat as much crap.  I’m trying to really cut back on the sugar/carbs I consume.  This morning I had some fruit and 2 bottles of water.  I followed that up with some mac and cheese so tonight I hope I can have a carb-free dinner. 

I’m going to join the gym officially this week.  I had been on a trial membership since I am so flaky with these things.  I think I am going to need a few sessions with a trainer because I read that in order to burn fat you need to combine cardio with some strength training.  I’ll definitely need someone to guide me because I don’t want to be using weights and end up looking diesel.  I’m a woman, not a dude, so I want to keep my curves, I just want a smaller version of them.  And I’m not someone who obsesses over my weight or count calories but I did cross that line where I am overweight so I am trying to put a stop to it before I look like a bus.

Wow, I’m writing this post and another Melanie Fiona song is playing on my Usher station on Pandora (if you don’t know what Pandora is, check out my previous Mid-Afternoon break post).  This song is called “Give it to Me Right.” This song is fire. I think this was her single before “It Kills Me.” These are the kind of artists that radio/tv should be promoting. Promote people who can saaang!  Although soul-less pop is fun sometimes.  But still, its a shame how the industry discards people with real talent.

I’ve been bad this week. I ordered two pairs of shoes. But, in my defense, I need them in my life ha ha.

The first pair I purchased were a pair of zebra print wedges called the Katrice Zebra-Print Wedge by Sam Edelman. I was admiring the sandals on someone who was wearing them near my job. I thought “wow those wedges are hot but God knows where she bought them.” I’m not the kind of person to stop someone in the street and ask them where they got something they were wearing that I loved.  But somehow it was destined for me to get them. I was on Anthropologie’s website, wandered over to the shoe section, and there they were!  I was bummed they did not have my size but a light bulb went off and I went over to ShopStyle.com and found another website with the shoe in my size.  Score!  What makes them so special to me is the wooden platform that has some of zebra print material wrapped around it but not covering the wedge completely. You have to see it to get it, just click here and you’ll see what I am talking about.  By the way ShopStyle.com is awesome!  If you are ever in a similar situation where a website is out of stock in your size for an item that you want,  check that website to see if they track that brand, you may find that the item on other websites.

The second pair was a result of going on shopbop.com today.  I went on the site because I saw a tweet that they were having a 15% off friends and family sale.  The coupon didn’t work on my purchase but it didn’t matter because that is how much I’ve been wanting the cream colored pumps I ordered.  They are the Marni Laser Cut Heels by Rosegold.  Amazing!  I am not totally thrilled because when you order shoes online you never know how they are going to fit.  But I am hoping it is destiny as well since the pair had been out of stock in my size for a while.  Trust me I have been stalking the website to see if they would restock.  Then I go on today and voila!  Only one pair left in my size.  So like a said before, it was destiny and I bought them.  I think that is what a shopaholic would say.  I am still in denial ha ha.

Its time to get focused.  Back to work everyone 🙂


3 thoughts on “Mid-Afternoon Break: May 6th, 2010

  1. Great deal on the shoes!
    As for diet and exercise, I’ll tell you that you do need strength training with cardio,but in the beginning try to do your cardio 3x a week and then do your weight training session 2x for about an hour. I’ve been in a gym for about 7 months, I’ve had a trainer for 2 months to show me and then took it from there on my own…so maybe that strategy will help you. When I travel I use the hotel gym and pop in my pilates dvd which is my life-saver.
    Good luck with it. 🙂


  2. Those pumps are really nice. I’m loving the nude color trend with bags, shoes, very elegant. As far as work outs I just walk everywhere and try to stay on my feet most of the day. Of course limiting junk food is key.

    For me breakfast believe it or not is basically rice beans and chicken. There is a restaurant I got to that has home cooked food by 9 am and i’mnot hungry until like 5pm or later. Throughout I munch on mostly fruits and for dinner something light as well.

    It depends everyone is diferent.


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