Mid-Afternoon Break: June 11th, 2010

The part of the financial market we cover at my job has been a bit quiet today.  I suspect that the FIFA World Cup may have something to do with that.  I worked on a trading floor during the last World Cup and can tell you that at least at that place no one was doing much trading.

Today I am taking advantage of the peace and quiet to tell you about my near death experience (well it was really my parents who thought I was near death):

For the past couple of months my energy level has been super low.  I was never someone who would be considered energetic, my sister has always said I am dead inside (not true), but I agree that something has been different.  These days I can barely stay awake past 10:00 PM without falling asleep.  Before I started working I could stay up all night if I wanted to.  Now it doesn’t even matter what is going on around me.  I could be with my boyfriend, watching one of my favorite shows, or even at the movies. I had no control. 

During the day I managed to stay alive at work, although I did have a couple of close calls.  I think it’s the panic that kicks in at the thought of one of my supervisors catching me asleep at my desk that wakes me up.

There is no amount of soda or coffee or red bull or green tea that can keep me awake.  So one night after slipping into a food coma from a large dose of fettucine alfredo, my mom confronted me about my health.  She told me that something was obviously wrong and that I was probably anemic.  After dismissing her claims by rolling my eyes, she said she was not going to let me die and that we were going to the doctor the next day.  I’ll remind you that I am 22 years old.

The next day we took an almost 2-hour long trip to Washington Heights to see my pediatrician, who still examines his patients once they become adults.  The office was closed when we got there even though there was a sign on the door with office hours that indicated he should have been there.  After a good roar to release my frustration at the waste of time , we took the train down to Harlem to my mother’s doctor.  And what do you think we found? You guessed it, no doctor!  At that point I was pretty much over the whole doctor thing and if I was anemic then so be it.  You gotta die from something right? (A good excuse for any vice).

After more threats from my mother, including locking me out of my room (which is another reason why I cannot wait for the day I move out), I finally went to get a physical.

I called a few days later and braced myself to hear my diagnosis.  The doctor was nowhere to be found but the secretary remembered that the only thing that came back wrong was that my blood sugar was low and that I should call back when the doctor was around.  With this news of my low blood sugar, I took the long way home and walked to train station one stop away so that I could reevaluate my life.  How low was my blood sugar? Does this mean I have diabetes? No more soda?! How could my blood sugar be low? Why? These were all questions running through my mind.

I called back the next day and it turned out that it was my irregular eating pattern that caused these dips in my blood sugar and general lack of interest in being awake.  The doctor recommended that I eat small meals every three hours to help balance out my sugar level and thus increase my energy level.  So I’m not dying! Hoooray!  I am beginning my road to health/energy recovery so stay tuned for tidbits about my journey.




6 thoughts on “Mid-Afternoon Break: June 11th, 2010

  1. Thank goodness it’s nothing that can’t be fixed.
    I hope you feel better & much more revived soon :]
    By the way these “Mid-Afternoon Break” rants are great .. You should write them more often.
    -Take care & God bless


  2. Glad you are ok… you are lucky that you didnt pass out it happened to me I got dizzy and the next thing i remembered was waking up on the floor. The doctor told me the same thing he told you…


    • Thank YOU so much for this post!

      I’ve been feeling the exact same way, and my mother too thought that I was anemic, but when I went to the doctor, he said I wasn’t…

      I’ve been eating irregularly, so I’ll have to try smaller, more frequent meals!

      Thanks again, this has helped me exponentially:)


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