Polished: Agent Lavender by China Glaze


Agent Lavender

China Glaze

I’ve been letting myself go recently.  Below is a snapshot of my recent depressing internal dialogue:

Q: Would you like a side of fries with that order?

A:  Sure

Q: Would you like dessert?

A:  Several

Q: Is that hair on your legs?

A:  Damn straight

Q: Are those only 3 polished toe nails?

A:  Absolutely

Every day I reach a new low in terms of my typical maintenance routine, taking a shower and brushing my teeth because that’s just the law.

I finally forced myself to travel down to my usual haunt on 8th St. called Dashing Diva, which seems to be going downhill lately if you ask me.  It is kind of a hit or miss depending on your technician, some of whom behave like a basic manicure is beneath them and a waste of time.  They rush through your service so that they can get to the next customer who is hopefully getting a pricier service that will yield a substancially higher tip.  But I guess that is the case in most places you go.

There are still a few that take their time and are not skimpy with their top coat (why is it so hard to find someone that  will coat the entire nail? Just because it’s clear polish doesn’t mean I will not be able to see that you missed a spot! Several spots! Try each nail…spots!) like Lobsang and Sandy, my favorite technicians of the bunch.

They did not do my latest manicure but fortunately I had a decent job done.  Rushed but decent.  I brought with me a China Glaze nail polish in a shade called Agent Lavender.  I love pastel colors, and although this shade is more of a color for Spring, it compliments my overall nonchalant attitude.  After all, isn’t it just too hot to care?

Unglossed kissez,



6 thoughts on “Polished: Agent Lavender by China Glaze

  1. Hey girly, Im currently going through a similar situation .. trying my best to stay away from dessert which is always my down fall lol

    And funny thing is Im dealing with the same foolishness at the dashing diva that I go to in the upper west side.
    my last two manicures have been rushed just like you mentioned, its a shame cause I really liked going there.
    But unless I get the technicians i like, Ill be going somewhere else .. most likely to sakura nails.
    by the way that color looks really pretty,you should try the color Van D’go by essie, it goes really nice with your skin complexion. wow justnoticed how last I was to see this post :\

    Love your YT videos ❤


  2. LOL! Funny post! I have been the same. I am way overdue for a pedicure but yet keep wearing me feet out because it has been so hot in DC this summer, what other shoes am I suppose to wear??? I am so looking forward to fall. Hopefully it will be less that 100s by then.


  3. I have a question what eyeshadows did you use in the Leighton Meester’s look for the beauty smarties video? It’s SOOO pretty and I would like to do it. Thanks! 🙂


  4. haha yes shaving or veeting (it’s a new verb, yea, just now, ha) my legs is sooo springtime routine. It gets pretty bad sometimes but I do manage to keep polish all on my toesies so no one will get distracted by missing polish and see my hairy legs haha!


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