Polished: Box Seats by Dashing Diva


Box Seats

Dashing Diva

149 Third Avenue, (Betw. 15th & 16th St.)

Tel. (212) 228 – 9999

Mon – Sun: 10AM – 9PM

I typically reserve this shade of blue for the winter season, but after Sarah from StyleItOnline told me she was obsessed with Box Seats, I went over to Dashing Diva to check it out.

I ditched my usual haunt on 8th St. for the Dashing Diva located on 3rd Ave in NYC.  Sarah recommended this location after I ranted about the lack of top coat and other annoyances I have experienced at other nail salons.  Dashing Diva’s 3rd Ave. location is corporate owned and technicians from this outpost are the ones you will find manicuring the hands of models backstage at Fashion Week  at shows where the company has been booked.

I went into the salon with high expectations and they did not dissapoint.  I arrived on Tuesday after a long day of work without an appointment and was taken care of right away.  The technician did not rush through the process even though I opted for their basic manicure.  Her patience was already an upgrade, but she blew my mind when she used not one, but TWO hot towels.  This may not seem like something to break out the Caps Lock over, but this sort of occurence is unheard of at my usual places.  One was used after a quick exfoliation and the other to help moisturizer sink into my hands.  This was already a fabulous experience but she still had to pass my final test…the top coat.  There are few things that make my blood boil more than when I pay $15 for a manicure and people want to be skimpy with the top coat.  I already ranted about this in a previous post so I will spare you this time.  Not only did she not miss a spot, the coat was generous as well.  Score!

I loved the shiny and bright blue polish.  It is a little bit on the metallic side but it is glitter and shimmer free.  Box Seats will definitely be revisiting my nails in the upcoming months.

After the mani I had a 10 minute massage.  Again I thought that these people were geniouses because my technician parked the massage chair right in front of the nail dryer so that my nails would dry while I was getting the massage.  Places that make the most out of my time get extra brownie points in my book.

After drying my nails I left relaxed, manicured and less bitter about nail salons.

Glossy Kissez,



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