Rita Hazan Salon Seeks Hair Models

Rita Hazan Salon

720 Fifth Avenue, 11th Floor

New York, NY 10010    

A few weeks ago I had my hair cut by a senior stylist at the famous Rita Hazan Salon in NYC.  The salon is frequented by celebrities seeking some of the city’s top stylists who are consistently featured in magazines like Allure.  When my friend Amanda asked me to come in to model for a haircut lesson, I immediately accepted.  Before her call, I could only dream of having my hair styled at a salon whose services would cost so much more than what my pockets could handle.

When I arrived I just wanted my ends trimmed and was given a blunt hair cut.  A blunt cut looks simple because the goal is to have your hair cut to one even length without any fancy layers.  After modeling for the class I learned that the technique required for achieving that look is anything but simple.  The stylist went over everything with the students, from the basics of how they should hold their comb to analyzing the planes of your client’s head.  The lesson gave me a whole new level of respect for hair stylists whose jobs are not just an art, it is a science.

You can have the opportunity to have your hair cut or colored at salon.  Amanda is looking for models to book for upcoming Cut and Color classes that will begin in October. Pricing for a cut is $40 and color is between $40-65 with a blowdry included.  If you are interested, email a recent headshot to amanda@ritahazansalon.com so she can determine what class you would qualify for, as there are different objectives every month.  One cut class each month will be an observation class, meaning the assistants will watch while the model gets cut by the stylist. If you are the lucky one selected, you will be getting a fantastic cut by a celebrity/senior stylist for only $40!  Amanda will be keeping who will be chosen a secret so you’ll have to wait until you get there to find out.

If you have any questions, contact Amanda at 212-586-4343.

Glossy Kissez,



One thought on “Rita Hazan Salon Seeks Hair Models

  1. oh lets see the new haircut! I remember you were unsure whether to get the katy perry/rihanna haircut a while ago. or is it a longer blunt cut like Charlotte York? lol


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