Polished: Best of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011


The Blonds

The most spectacular nailgasm took place at The Blonds last night.  CND‘s Kristina Estabrooks made nails dazzle with swarovski crystals and crushed glass.  I can’t imagine the kind of damage I would do if I attempted to crush glass so I could bedazzle my nails and you shouldn’t try to find out. I’ll just have to settle for glitter for now.  If you were at the show I hope you wore your sunglasses Anna Wintour style for the bling-ing-est place to be at New York Fashion Week:

David and Phillipe Blond bring the bling to Fashion Week…and CND’s Kristina Estabrooks ensures that The Blonds runway nails light up the night.  This season’s manicures made love to the spotlight with crushed glass and Swarovski crystal combination coatings on top of various Colour foundations including Girlie Pink, Eclectic Purple, and Anchor Blue.  More than 22 different nail looks (including hand-painted upside down Eiffel Tower manis) graced the catwalk in the groupings of “Showgirls” versus “Abbreviated Tuxedos” – and brought Barbie doll designs, sequined bikinis, Hollywood glamour and sexy, body-hugging corsets to life. 

Stay tuned for more New York Fashion Week coverage on StyleItOnline.com.

Polished Kissez,


Photos and quote: Courtesy of CND


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