Musing of the Day: Ponchos

Rebecca Taylor

Femme Military Cape

It’s been a while since I have done a Musing of the Day post but trust me, I am still a fiend and window shop online every chance I get.  Lately something that would have probably made my stomach turn years ago has been the subject of one of my most recent obsessions – ponchos (a.k.a. a cape if the word poncho doesn’t sound chic enough).  I have been seeing them more often than usual on the streets of NYC and the women that I have spotted wearing the capes, all the way from a light knit to a heavier jacket form, do it more justice than any of the pictures I harpooned online.  Currently I am looking for an affordable poncho to wear with a pair of skinnies or leggings and some killer boots.  I also love the way shopbop styled the Rebecca Taylor coat, worn over a mini dress with stockings and a pair of booties.  There is a lot of inspiration to choose from and it is a style I would rock during the evening to add a bit of mystery.

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Are you a fan of capes or are they just a little too Little Red Riding Hood for you?

Glossy Kisses,



One thought on “Musing of the Day: Ponchos

  1. I just love capes. They do add something different to any outfit you are wearing. They trick is not to let it get too over the top and then it looks like a costume.


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