Coming Soon: NARS Cosmetics Boutique

While having dinner and catching up with Ramnari7 and LesleyKat last night, I found out that maybe I wasn’t the last person in the world to hear about this: NARS. Cosmetics. Boutique!  Maybe the periods are a little dramatic but I’m excited!  Not only will you be able to enjoy Magnolia cupcakes (still have not been there despite having gone to NYU for four years) and browse one of Marc Jacobs’ 100 stores (just kidding) on Bleecker St., NARS is joining the ranks for us to do some serious makeup damage.  Besides the Boutique exclusives, hopefully they will have a larger selection closer to what is on their website than what is currently stocked at Sephora.  *Fingers crossed*

16 years after François Nars launched NARS Cosmetics, we are excited to announce the location of the brand’s first flagship boutique!

Located at 413 Bleecker Street, in New York City’s West Village, the store will open Spring 2011 and will feature exclusive items to the location. Stay tuned, more information to come…

Did this make that 2 o’clock feeling go away? Sound off in the comments below.

Glossy Kissez,


Photo and information courtesy of NARS


3 thoughts on “Coming Soon: NARS Cosmetics Boutique

  1. YAY! Adding to my beauty map in 3…2…1…
    Oh, I read this morning that there is a MAC going in on Bleecker street as well. The village is getting competitive!
    PS. This is within walking distance of my apt. DANGER! LOL!!!


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