Polished: Hold the Drama by Ginger + Liz


Ginger + Liz Colour Collection

Hold the Drama

(photograph taken with flash)


(photograph taken without flash)

I am loving the shades of polish that I picked up from Ginger + Liz colour collection.  I discovered the line backstage at New York Fashion Week and shortly after ordered a few of their items. My current favorite is called Hold the Drama and is described as a “blackened eggplant purple shade.”  Hold the Drama is more of a cream finish as it does not appear to have any shimmer/glitter.  The purpleness of the polish is not lost in the darkness of the shade, which happens often with shades done in those dark tones.

Hold the Drama has been a big hit! I’ve received plenty of compliments and stories like “I’ve been looking for  a color like that for a long time.”  The nail technician that did my manicure and pedicure must have said “such a pretty color” or some variation of the phrase at least 10 times.  I’m not sure if she thought I could not hear her or could not understand her (even though I said thank you multiple times) or if she wanted me to give her the polish… not happening!  Especially with what felt like one of my toes going on fire during the pedicure, which after studying it at home, must have been screaming at the combination of being stabbed by one of her tools and then giving the wound a good dousing with acetone.

It was also a hit with the ladies of the hair salon where I spend way too many hours getting my hair done each week, but this is not a rant post so let’s move on.  This is my second manicure with the color and my hair stylist scolded me for failing to bring her the polish yet again.  I am not leaving it at home on purpose, my memory is just that bad…or is it?

Glossy Kissez,



2 thoughts on “Polished: Hold the Drama by Ginger + Liz

  1. Hey Cindy! I hope you’re doing alright..
    I see you are still blogging so I’m kind of confused since you haven’t posted any videos on youtube in months, did you changed your channel?? or what did I miss girl?? lol.
    Well, as I said I hope you’re ok:)


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