Haul: MAC Peacocky Collection


Peacocky Collection

Check out my first video back from my YouTube hiatus.  I stopped by MAC and hauled like I had not hauled in a long time.  I picked up my favorites from MAC’s Peacocky (above), Mickey Contractor and Cham Pale collection.

Products mentioned in the video:

Mega Metal Shadow:





Noir Plum

Kissable Lipcolour:

Flaunt It!


Temper Tantra

Check out swatches after the jump: 

Mega Metal Shadow

From left to right: Dalliance, Prance, Paparazz-She, Odalisque, Plum Noir

Kissable Lipcolour

From left to right: Flaunt It, Temper Tantra, Super

Thanks to the bf’s grandparents for the MAC gift card that I used on this haul!

Glossy Kissez,



5 thoughts on “Haul: MAC Peacocky Collection

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