Haul: MAC + Mickey Contractor

MAC + Mickey Contractor

There was one reason I was excited for the MAC + Mickey Contractor collection — the Select Moisturecover Duo.  Before heading over to the store for the Peacocky collection, I took a look at how Mickey Contractor’s collection was doing on MAC’s website.  I was surprised to see that the concealer was already sold out, along with a few other items.  My anxiety kicked up a notch but was relieved when I found that the concealer was still in stock at my local store.  What made this concealer special to me is that it contains two color correctors in shades perfect for experimenting with covering up my mother’s hyper-pigmentation and the moisturizing formula is also great for mature skin.  I also ended up picking up the two blushes from the collection; Sur is a great rosy everyday blush and Gana works as a frosty light gold highlighting shade sans glitter.  I love using orange as a crease color in many of my looks so I picked up Saffron Eye Shadow, which is described as a “deep coral caramel.”  Saffron is done in their Satin finish that is usually a dream when it comes to blending.  Lastly, I picked up a Matte lipstick called Mehr, a beautiful neutral pink that is going to become a go to for wearing to work.  Most of the collection is gone from the website, but you may be able to track some of these items down at a MAC store.  Checkout swatches after the jump:

From Left to Right: Mehr Lipstick, Gana Blush, Sur Blush, Saffron Eye Shadow

Glossy Kissez,



6 thoughts on “Haul: MAC + Mickey Contractor

  1. Hey Cindy, what store did you go to I want to check if they would have Mehr & Yash lipsticks,Flesh lipglass and Saffron + Rani Eyeshadows.


  2. some mickey contractor products are still available if you order them through the mac canada website if you have trouble adding somthing to your cart just call the 1-800 number for mac canada. 2weeks ago mac US had some mickey contractor stuff to come back but its mostly sold out again.


  3. Hi!! i’m really interested to know what sort of shade you would pair saffron with? i bought it too and i LOVE it but i’m kinda stumped on what to put it with. i tried cork and glamour check but they just seem kinda off! pleaaasssee to a tutorial if you can! i Love your warm brown eyes look! 🙂 x


    • I am thinking of pairing it with a bright purple shadow. Saffron is really bright so I just plan on using it to deepen the crease. I’ll probably use a lighter orange like Rule by MAC for the crease and concentrate Saffron along the socket bone. The effect I am going for is to have the orange appear the most intense at the base of the crease and fade out as you move up towards the brow bone.


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