Polished: Mischievous Mint by MAC


Mischievous Mint Nail Lacquer (limited edition)

(picture taken outdoors)

Mischievous Mint Nail Lacquer

(picture taken indoors)

MAC’s limited edition Peppermint Patti nail lacquer, released two years ago, was where my mint colored nail polish craze all began.  When I realized that it was true love it was too late for me to get a backup.  Scrambling to find something similar, China Glaze did me a favor last year by rolling out Refresh Mint and the love affair was just as strong (or perhaps stronger)  than it was with Peppermint Patti.  This year Mischievous Mint, from MAC’s Quite Cute collection, appeared just in time for me to wear during my week-long stay in the sunshine state (that should be renamed the broiler state).  It looks minty green indoors and looks a little bluer under the sun.  If the amount of times I have stared at my hands is any indication, Mischievous Mint and I are going strong.  I will be revisiting this polish again this season and the next.

What polishes will you be hooked on this Spring and Summer?  Let us know in a comment below.



5 thoughts on “Polished: Mischievous Mint by MAC

  1. Such a gorgeous colors! Blues and lavender are so big this season. Have you ever tried a Deborah Lippmann nail polish? I am head over heal in love with her collection right now!


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