Polished: Little Girl Type by MAC

 MAC Little Girl Type Nail Lacquer


Little Girl Type Nail Lacquer (limited edition)

Little Girl Type, another Nail Lacquer from MAC’s limited edition Quite Cute collection (available on their site at press time), was the color of choice for this week’s manicure.  I headed over to my usual Dashing Diva to get my nails done and received a proper/inaudible scolding for having the audacity to have gotten acrylics.  Knowledge of how terrible they are for my natural nails was not enough to keep me away in a moment of desperation right before my trip to Florida.  In any case, after spending close to 30 minutes with my fingertips hanging out in a pool of acetone (that also has to be good for me too lol), the acrylics finally melted off to reveal nails thin enough to be mistaken for a sheet of paper.  I can’t complain about weak nails because that is the life I chose. 

Enter Little Girl Type.  The  polish made my ragged nails look, dare I say, quite cute? (you know I can’t go a post without being a cornball ha ha).  The “creamy pale lavender” color appears to skip between purple and pink depending on the lighting.  I was worried about how Little Girl Type was going to turn out during the application since its thin consistency resulted in a very faint and streaky first coat.  However, my manicurist was able to achieve full coverage with three layers of the polish.  In my experience needing extra coats is typical for many MAC Nail Lacquers, but each layer will be so thin that you will not end up with a thick slab of polish on each nail in the end.  Lastly, bonus points for being appropriate for work! 

What do you think of Little Girl Type?  Let us know in a comment below.



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