Musing of the Day: Ombré Hair Color

Rachel Bilson ombre hair

Rachel Bilson

If you want to take highlights to the next level, ombré hair will take you there.  The trendy style involves coloring your hair so that it is darkest at your roots and fades out into a lighter color as you work your way towards the ends (having multiple tones throughout = extra credit).  The transition should be seamless (if all goes as planned) so it looks more intentional as opposed to looking like you missed a couple of trips to the salon to get your roots touched up.  In the end you should end up with a bohemian chic mane perfect for ushering in the warm months ahead.  It has been popping up on some of the most stylish celebs in the scene and needless to say, I need it in my life.

I had a hair coloring consultation last weekend and prepared for the meeting by looking for some pictures for inspiration, keeping an eye out for someone with a similar skin tone and eye color (to get an idea of what would look good on me).  By the way, hair colorists/stylists love it when you bring pictures!  It takes the guess work out of figuring out what the client wants because at the end of the day they want you to be happy when you leave their chair.  In my case Rachel Bilson and Camila Alves are great examples of how I want my hair to look.  I found many images of Bilson’s hair fading into various shades of blonde and my favorite is when they stay in more of a honey colored territory.  I don’t want my hair to fade into a dramatic shade of blonde because:

  1. Have you seen Drew Barrymore’s ombre? Scary!  Luckily she has bounced back by dying it red.
  2. My ends are not that great to begin with and bleaching them too much could dry them into a disastrous situation and
  3. My day job is laid back but not that laid back, I still want to keep things looking professional. 

Alves’ ombré hair would be a good match since there is no blonde in sight — it settles into a warm coppery shade that I am loving, but the down side is that it does not appear to be as multi-tonal as Bilson’s hair.

Luckily the hairstylist I visited said that my hair is a good candidate for the ombré process.  I am planning on getting it done this month and can’t wait to show you the finished product! 

Would you rock the ombré hair trend?  Share your thoughts in a comment below.


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4 thoughts on “Musing of the Day: Ombré Hair Color

  1. I’ve been wanting to get my hair like this for a while now, too. My hair is super black though, so I’m kind of scared. lol
    I hope you post pics of yours!


    • It is definitely harder to go lighter when you have black hair but not impossible if you have a good hair colorist. If you check out Camila Alves, her hair is probably dark brown or black and she didn’t have to lighten it too much. I just made my appointment 🙂


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