Makeup Haul: MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions Collection

The moment I heard about MAC’s Bloggers’ Obsession collection  I could not contain my excitement because isn’t it every MAC lover’s dream to create their own collection?  8 lucky beauty bloggers lived it and got to create an eye shadow or lipglass.  Check out the video above to see what I picked up and to hear my top picks.

Items purchased from the collection:

Other blogs who created a lipglass for the collection:



P.S. This is my first video for Erin from Scandalous Beauty’s 30-day YouTube challenge!  I will attempt to post a new video every day for the next 30 days.  It will definitely be a challenge but I am excited to try.


5 thoughts on “Makeup Haul: MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions Collection

  1. HEY!! Thanks for the awesome review!! One thing though, Hocus Pocus was created by me and Parisian Skies was created by Lipstick Powder n Paint

    xo Lianne


    • Thank you for stopping by and pointing out the mix up, which I just corrected. I went back to the video to make sure I got it right. And congratulations on getting to create an eye shadow for MAC!


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