Musing of the Day: Alexander Wang Booties

Alexander Wang

Top: Monique

Bottom: Luca

We may be in the middle of August, but the September issues are out which means it is time to start thinking about fall fashion.  I already picked up a few pieces from Free People and am searching for the perfect pair of black jeggings to add to my wardrobe.  The jeggings should be easy but shoes will be a far more complicated matter.  Several pairs did not make it through last season that I need to replace.  Cue Alexander Wang.  I cannot stop thinking about his fall shoe line up – particularly the Luca and Monique booties.  One of these could seriously be the sexiest thing that could happen to my feet this fall/winter.  If I manage to rationalize the price into a well deserved birthday gift, the only trouble will be picking one.  Both have a 4.5” heel with a 1” platform and while I prefer the look of the Monique pair, I would probably get more mileage out of the Luca since chunky heels = comfy.  It all comes down to the classic battle of style vs. comfort.  What would you do?


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