Photo Diary: Dominican Republic Summer 2011

Some pictures of my trip to Dominican Republic.  A week was not enough!  I had fun and laughed a lot at the expense of my fiancé, who had never been outside of the U.S.  I felt like I was seeing the country for the first time through his eyes.  So many things shocked him that seemed perfectly normal to me, such as people piled onto motorcycles/scooters, shanty towns and large insects.  I think I may have traumatized him in the creepy crawlers department, but I’ll save the story that ended with him staying up all night with a pair of flip flops in his hands for YouTube.

Above I am pictured with three guys who were going around playing music at the restaurant where we ate for my birthday.  My sister requested that they play “What is Love,” which pretty much made my day.  The only part that I could actually understand was the chorus: “What is love, oh baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more.”  The singer pretty much gargled the rest of the lyrics and it was glorious.

Check out more pictures of my trip after the jump:


8 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Dominican Republic Summer 2011

  1. Def multi tasked, I was laughing cuz i started b4 u said it. Ur finace is a cutie…good for u! Im dyin to go to DR my gf jus came back from there n said she stood at a VIP n we gotta go…so hopefully soon!


  2. I’ve been to punta cana twice. It was Eh.. I hear puerto plata(sp?) is much better! I guess it all depends on the resort and who you go with.


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