Musing of the Day: Aaliyah

Can’t believe it has been 10 years since Aaliyah‘s tragic death.  Today I was thinking about when I was in elementary school and started getting into MTV and music videos.  I remember the first Aaliyah video I ever saw.  It was “One in a Million” and from then on I was hooked.  Besides Aaliyah’s catchy music I was obsessed with her style.  I switched from parting my bangs down the middle to side-swept bangs.  And for someone who cannot get enough of skinny jeans these days it is funny to think that I begged my mom for a pair of baggy jeans.  I was terrified of asking my parents for anything when I was a kid so it was a pretty big deal.  She took me to a store called Cookies, which is in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, and I went to the boys section to get the jeans I needed to emulate her look.  I was so excited to wear them to school!  Today I keep away from the jeans.  However, I am still rockin’ the side-swept bangs and developed an interest in her makeup (of course).  My favorite makeup is the purple smoky eye paired with red lips in her “We Need a Resolution” video.  Who says you can only play up one of your features at a time?  She definitely pulled it off.

Even though Aaliyah is no longer with us she is still living on through her music.  Many years later, I still stop and listen to it whenever her songs pop up on my iPod.

Did Aaliyah influence your style?  Share your story in a comment below.



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