Musing of the Day: Theyskens’ Theory Ankle Strap Wedges

I literally walked the walk with my latest shoe obsession. Instead of just talking the talk over here and gushing about these Theyskens’ Theory ankle strap wedges, the fashion gods smiled upon me and put them on sale on Gilt Groupe a few weeks ago for my purchasing pleasure. On a side note, Gilt Groupe is a serious downfall for me when it comes to spending. If I did a video on all of the things I have gotten on sale from the site you would not need a degree in psychology to know that I need some kind of therapy. Everyone loves a good deal and I do especially from the comfort of my computer. But let’s get back on track. These wedges are pure sexiness! And I am not too much of a fan of pointed toe shoes but the wedge, platform and straps give it a modern edge that just works for me. My feet are wider than the average person so I went up a half size. They are still a little narrow but it is something only the extremely nosey would notice. The straps definitely emphasize any kind of cankle situation you have going on so I also need to drop about 10 pounds from each ankle (they swell up like a pregnant woman in the heat).  Once I break them in they are going to be great and I predict that I will wear them with everything since I tend to abuse shoes that I love and wear them constantly until they fall apart.

Do you have any recent acquisition that you have been wearing to death lately?  Share in a comment below.



4 thoughts on “Musing of the Day: Theyskens’ Theory Ankle Strap Wedges

  1. These shoes are beautiful! You’re so lucky to have snagged a pair via Gilt. I’m dying for the suede-patent ombre ones. Question for you about sizing…I’m a 6.5-7 w/ wider feet. Should I go for a 37.5? I would really appreciate the help since I’ve gotta act fast. They’re selling out!


    • I want the black ankle strap wedge, they don’t have the criss cross strap like these do. I think I saw it on the Barney’s website. I would do a half-size up than normal, if anything you can add an insert if it is a little too big length-wise. I hope they fit, I am always nervous about ordering shoes online.


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