Web Musings: MAC for Gareth Pugh, Dress Like Lisbeth Salander, Lauren Conrad & More

Welcome to my Web Musings of the week!  I have found breaking news and discovered so many different blogs through other blogs that share online findings that spark their interest.  Here is what has struck my fancy this week:

The MAC for Gareth Pugh collection was announced and the packaging is sleek and sexy.  The collection has a concise color story of nudes, greys and plums.  Find it in stores on November 23rd, 2011.  [via The Style and Beauty Doctor].

A Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga getup doesn’t come cheap at Patricia Field but you can watch two transformations for free.  [via The New York Times]

H&M is launching a collection in December inspired by Lisbeth Salander’s character from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!  [via Nitrolicious]

Lauren Conrad is coming out with a sort of prequel/spinoff to her L.A. Candy novels next year.  Can you guess from who’s perspective the new book will be told?  There is also a beauty book to follow up her book on style in the works.  [via US Weekly]

Style.com’s first print magazine is hitting the shelves next week.  Is this an instant collectible or what?  [via The New York Times]


One thought on “Web Musings: MAC for Gareth Pugh, Dress Like Lisbeth Salander, Lauren Conrad & More

  1. The MAC and Gareth Pugh collection looks sick but it cost major $$$ (compared to ordinary MAC pricing ). I am interested in one of the lipsticks in Fervent and the nail polishes. But before I buy, I got to see swatches!


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