Coming Soon: ShoeMint

Rachel Bilson is one of my style muses.  The actress always looks flawless on the red carpet or whenever the paparazzi pounce and snap candids.  In fact  she was the primary source of inspiration for my stint with ombré hair this summer.  Needless to say I was psyched to learn that Rachel has partnered up with celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez and Steve Madden to launch ShoeMint.  It is the latest subscription shopping site from the BeachMint ubmbrella that includes JewelMint, StyleMint and BeautyMint.

According to US Weekly, ShoeMint will launch this holiday season and subscriptions start at $79.99 per month.  I am a member of JewelMint and StyleMint so I assume that ShoeMint will follow the models of other sites where you aren’t charged the monthly fee until you place your first order, with the option to skip each month you don’t wish to purchase anything during the designated skipping period.

As a fan of Rachel Bilson’s style and Steve Madden shoes, I have already signed up ahead of the launch.  Click here to sign up.  If you invite your friends you can earn a credit on your account (details are provided once you sign up).

P.S. JewelMint haul/collection coming soon!

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Disclosure:  Signing up through one of my links may lead to me earning a credit towards a purchase on the site.

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