Model Mirror Coupon Code

Les Tai Tai is offering my subscribers 25% off any purchase on (make sure you are shopping on the correct site for your region by looking at the top right of the page) with the coupon code Mirror Mirror now through December 24th, 2011.  They say that their Model Mirror is the perfect stocking stuffer and I agree.

The mirror is genius!  It comes in a a variety of designs and has a regular mirror on one side and a mirror with 2x magnification on the opposite side.  The genius part about it are the 8 led lights on one side of the mirror that are saviors if you are always running late and end up applying half (or all) of your makeup in a car on the way to an event (guilty! lol).  Lighting is not an issue for me with this mirror and I consider it a must have.

Tip:  The led lights turn on by pressing a button on the side.  Make sure you turn it off when you are done or your battery will die (guilty again!).


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