Bobbi Brown BBU Face Palette

Bobbi Brown

BBU Face Palette

Price: $250


After determining that I want to take freelancing a little more seriously than just doing the makeup for my friends and family, I started researching foundations for my makeup kit (currently in its infant stage).  During my search I stumbled upon the Bobbi Brown BBU Face Palette.  While I would love to pick up some of the Foundation Sticks because of their versatility, at the price of $41.00 each, it is a little too early for me to make that kind of an investment.  Especially when, raves from pros aside, I do not have any personal experience with the product.  So you can imagine how exciting it was to see a palette where I could not only sample several shades of the Foundation Stick, but I could also try two of Bobbi Brown’s most iconic products–the Corrector and Creamy Concealer.  The palette includes:

  • 11 shades of Corrector
  • 14 shades of Creamy Concealer
  • 20 shades of Foundation Stick

The big down side for me is the price relative to the size of the palette (6.2″L x .75″W x 3.75″H).  However, if you can justify the cost the quality is sure to be superb.  And I’ll admit that I can be a bit of a snob when it comes to makeup, which makes this beauty all the more desirable.  Can you imagine creating a flawless canvas for a group of clients with that tiny palette?  Talk about swag!

To those budding and established makeup artists out there, what are the go to foundations in your kit?  Are you coveting the sexiness that is this Bobbi Brown palette as much as I am?

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5 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown BBU Face Palette

  1. Hey! I too am stepping into the freelance zone as well!! Although not as sexy as the BB palette, I like the HD foundations from Graftobian. To cover everyone you could get all three but I have started out with the Warm Palette. You could also use them as concealers. Good luck!


  2. GIIIIIR they sell them at CCO’s. I got mine at one for $175. Call ahead of time to make sure they have it before you make a trip out. they keep them behind the counter or in the back.


  3. Hola ! In love with my Graftobian palettes ! I have all three plus the corrector and it’s my holy grail. Congrats on stepping into the freelancing world. Buena suerte !!


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