Professional Makeup Artist Kit Guides – YouTube Edition

I found some awesome videos on YouTube if you are looking for some guidance on what you should have in your kit if you are aspiring to become a makeup artist.  First up is the famous gossmakeupartist.  The video above covers his basics and he wrote a helpful list of his favorites in every category in the description box.  Make sure to look through his other videos for reviews on specific products.  I like that he tells it like it is and is short and to the point in his reviews.  One of the best resources I have found so far.

MakeupbyRenRen has an excellent blog and YouTube channel for those looking into this field as well.  Besides giving us a tour on what is in her kit she also does helpful product reviews on items the pros use.

Next up is InMyProOpinion, the channel of a professional makeup artist specializing in TV/Film and special effects, who shows us her kits for different kinds of jobs.  I particularly enjoyed her Professional Makeup Starter Kit series (part one above).  These videos pretty much convinced me that I need to invest in a Zuca Bag.  Her kits are large but you can pick out the bits and pieces that work for you.

Finally, I marathoned through most of TMakeupG‘s videos.  She does both hair and makeup and has a handful of videos up on specific categories/products for your kit.  There is even a video on a basic hair styling kit, which is great if you are looking into offering some hair styling along with your makeup services to bring in some extra business.

Are there any other resources you have found helpful in building your kit?


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