Web Musings: Favorite Sh*t People Say Videos

I can’t get enough of the Shit People Say meme.  I listen to my favorites on a loop when I need some life:

Sh*t Fashion Girls Say Part Two

This guy deserves an Oscar for this performance.  I could not deal when he spilled the coconut milk.  So hilarious!

Sh*t Nobody Says

I don’t get it.  Why do people hate Nickelback? lol

Shit Guys Don’t Say

The best part of the Shit ____ Don’t Say videos is reading the comments and seeing how many people didn’t read the “don’t” part of the title of the video.  It makes their ridiculous comments even more ridiculous.

Shit Asian Moms Say

I learned that Dominican moms are not that different from Asian moms.

Shit Black Gays Say II

I say half of the things in this video lol.

Shit Spanish Girls Say

I did not grow up in a hispanic neighborhood “pero like” I am sure that was accurate.

Shit Gangsters Should Not Say

It does not get any more un-gangster than jacking someone for their skinny jeans.  I will be quoting this for a long time.

Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls

This was my gateway video into the meme.  Congratulations to Franchesca on her viral hit!

What are your favorite Shit People Say videos?


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