Shop MAC Cook MAC Haul & Swatches

MAC’s Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection is a “treat” for lovers of bright colored makeup like myself.  I was most excited about the return of their Tendertones since the one I got during their previous launch fell into a sewer one night in NYC.  I appreciate having full lips but their dryness is a plague.  Tendertones provide a slick layer of gloss to protect them from the elements that is not sticky and smells like candy.  Yum!  I was surprised that I ended up getting so many other lip products.  My picks are the coral Watch Me Simmer and the vibrant pink Quick Sizzle lipsticks.  You can’t go wrong with the Kissable Lipcolours either, I love all three colors in my stash and Woo Me has been a staple in my bag for the past few weeks.  It is like 2N lipglass sans stickyness and you better believe I bought a backup.  The eye shadow quads are nothing to write home about when you have a freakish collection of eye shadows.  I ended up getting Call Me Bubbles anyway, which is gorgeous, but I am pretty sure I could come up with similar colors somewhere in my stash (the frosty rust color called Brash was part of the Spice Chocolate quad released a few years ago).

What I hauled (or already had):


  • Innocence, Beware!
  • Watch Me Simmer
  • Quick Sizzle

Kissable Lipcolour

  • So Vain
  • Woo Me
  • Enchantee

Cremeblend Blush

  • Optimistic Orange
  • Florida
  • Restores Dazzle!

Eyeshadow Quad

  • Call Me Bubbles


  • Hush, Hush

Swatches and more pictures after the jump:

MAC Call Me Bubbles Eye Shadow Quad swatches

Optimistic Orange, Florida, Restores Dazzle! Cremeblend Blush swatches

MAC Quick Sizzle, Watch Me Simmer, Innocence, Beware! Lipstick swatches

MAC Woo Me, Enchantee, So Vain Kissable Lipcolour swatches

Did you get a chance to check out Shop MAC, Cook MAC? What were your favorites?

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