Photo Diary: Coachella 2012

Last weekend I went to Coachella, a 3-day long music festival in Indio, California.  Despite the difficulties that came with camping for the first time and extreme weather conditions, the weekend was a blast and full of singing and dancing my heart out.  I discovered new music and could talk to you for hours about the moments that left me laughing hysterically and shaking my head (but I’ll save those for my vlog).  It all culminated with the confirmation of a rumor that has been going on for years…Tupac is alive!  During the Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre set, a hologram of Tupac made an appearance but I bet you couldn’t tell half of the people in the audience that it wasn’t really him.  Watching the Tupac hologram perform was insane/cool/creepy all at the same time.  The Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre set was immediately legendary and the best of the weekend.  Check out some of my favorite snaps of the festival below:

P.S.  I am currently obsessed with Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, all of which performed at Coachella.


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