Coming Soon: Riri <3 MAC

Riri Hearts MAC

That Rihanna reign just won’t let up!  In case you gave up social media for Lent you may have missed the big news:  Riri ❤ MAC! MAC teamed up with Rihanna for a collaboration that yielded a total of 31 items to be released over a series of collections throughout the year. Head over to WWD for all of the tea.

I am so excited for this!  Rihanna’s makeup is always on point and I have recreated a few of her looks in the past.  Can’t wait to see the results of one of my beauty icons collaborating with one of my favorite brands.  What are your thoughts?

P.S. Can somebody hook me up?  The impending pandemonium is killing me already lol.

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One thought on “Coming Soon: Riri <3 MAC

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