Photo Diary: Ultra Music Festival 2013

Ultra 2013

I am having a love affair with Miami.  After my visit in October I went back last month to attend Weekend 1 of Ultra Music Festival.  It is like a heavenly playground for fans of electronic music.  I’m more of a hip-hop and R&B girl but even I was impressed by this year’s lineup.  Electronic/dance music has become increasingly more mainstream (I call it the Jersey Shore effect) and names like David Guetta, Calvin Harris, AVICII and Swedish House Mafia definitely caught my attention.  In terms of size it blew Coachella out of the water. You really need a solid game plan when attending with a group because it is easy to get lost.  Our group spent a good chunk of one night on a wild goose chase that I would like to forget.  But I took my chances on the last day and went solo to camp out in front of the live stage to check out the urban portion of their lineup; the beacon of light for that one friend who doesn’t like house music and got dragged to the festival by their friends.  I caught the controversial Azalea Banks (in an equally shocking outfit), got my life during Major Lazer’s set, watched Snoop Dogg Lion blaze the stage and finally the reason why I endured the pains that come with standing in the front row…The Weeknd!  Ever since watching him at Coachella last year, I have been obsessed with his mixtape trilogy. Needless to say I was thrilled to be able to scream (off-key) the lyrics to Wicked Games back at him while I was so close (yet so far away).  Check out more pictures from the weekend (get it? ha ha) after the jump.

Ultra 2013At the end of Day 3.  The cheesy heart breaker crop top is from Forever 21.

The Weekend Ultra 2013The Weeknd

Crystal Castles Ultra 2013Crystal Castles

Diplo Major Lazer Ultra 2013The new crowd surf:  Diplo getting ready to roll around the crowd during the Major Lazer set.

Walshy Fire Major Lazer Ultra 2013

Obsessed with Walshy Fire’s AZS Badman in Paris snapback.

Snoop Dogg Ultra 2013Snoop Dogg

Azealia Banks Ultra 2013Azealia Banks


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