MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick [Review + Swatches]

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

Wearing MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

The first launch of the highly anticipated  MAC and Rihanna collaboration is RiRi Woo lipstick, a remix of MAC’s classic Ruby Woo.  On the internet streets there is a lot of debate going on about how different RiRi Woo is from Ruby Woo.

Both colors have a matter than matte finish.  Many have reported that RiRi Woo is easier to apply than Ruby Woo.  However, my tube of RiRi Woo felt drier than my tube of Ruby Woo, which could be years of use causing my Ruby Woo to warm up and glide on a little easier.  Although the term dry sounds like a negative description it makes for a longer lasting lipstick. To make wearing them a more comfortable and flawless experience you need to prep your lips in advance:  exfoliate and hydrate them before you begin your makeup application.  Once you are ready to apply the lipstick, blot the excess lip balm and go for it.  My favorite red lip liner for these colors is Redd lip pencil by MAC.

MAC RiRi Woo Ruby WooRiRi Woo (left), Ruby Woo (right)

In the tube the difference in the colors was clear to me: RiRi Woo is slightly deeper/richer than RiRi Woo.  Once swatched on the back of my hand the difference was not as clear.

MAC RiRi Woo Ruby Woo SwatchesRiRi Woo (left), Ruby Woo (right)

The difference between the colors was almost imperceptible.  I had to study them closely for a while to really start to see how RiRi Woo was deeper with a stronger blue undertone (all the better to make your teeth appear whiter).  However, on the lips it will be even harder to tell the difference.  Either color will give you a gorgeous, high impact, fiery red pout.  They look great on anyone who isn’t afraid to wear them.

MAC RiRi Woo LipstickWearing MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

So do you need both? Let’s be real.  I have a bunch of red lipsticks that are slightly different from one another but not enough to warrant having them all.  If you’re a rational person with a modest collection then you don’t.  If you are crazy like me you need this in your life.  This lipstick is for Rihanna fans, MAC addicts and those who appreciate the little nuances that make this red slightly different from the next.  I love Rihanna’s music (Pour it Up is my latest fave), her style and makeup so I had to have it.  And the tube itself is engraved with RiRi.  Cute!

RiRi Woo Barclays Center

RiRi Woo @ Barclays Center

If you missed it during the first round (it sold out in 3 hours the day it came out) it will be re-released in each of the upcoming RiRi Hearts MAC collections that will be launched throughout the year.  Sign up to be notified when it comes back in June.

P.S. I will be having a giveaway on Instagram and YouTube. Follow me/subscribe so you don’t miss out 😉


4 thoughts on “MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick [Review + Swatches]

  1. I just want to say that Ruby is Matte and RiRi is Retro Matte. It’s stated on the box and on the tube. Also RiRi is not as dry as the chalk called Ruby Woo. Lol. I noticed this when I was swatching my matte lipsticks from MAC. For some reason, Ruby is extra dry and hard, while the other mattes including RiRi still have slip. I don’t understand why Ruby’s formula is severely different from the other mattes and RiRi, like MAC went out of their way to make Ruby out of sand and dust. Lol. I love both colors but RiRi in now my go to, because it’s deeper, darker, and for not causing a desert lip on me. I’m no Rihanna(sp) fan, but I definitely will be buying a back up come June.


    • Ruby Woo has a retro matte finish. It has a different finish compared to other matte lipsticks by MAC. My lipstick is a few years old, perhaps they have relabeled the newer batches. My Ruby Woo is a lot easier to apply than RiRi Woo, this could be due to the lipstick warming up and mixing with my natural oils. Over time and with repeated use of RiRi Woo, I’m sure it will warm up and not feel as dry as my tube does now. I was surprised at how drying it was when everyone says that it is not as drying as Ruby Woo. It could just be me lol.


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