Polished: MAC Baby Goth Girl

MAC Baby Goth Girl

Baby Both Girl (Limited Edition – Style Black Collection)

Description: Black with pinkish purple pearl

Finish: Frost

MAC Baby Goth Girl

One Coat (no base coat or top coat)

MAC Baby Goth Girl

Two Coats (no base coat or top coat)

MAC Baby Goth Girl


I am seriously in looove with Baby Goth Girl Nail Lacquer. I was looking forward to the Style Black Collection just for the nail polishes and I was not wrong. This season is not about boring nails. The fuchsia pearl, which actually looks like a burgundy color on the nails, in this polish will get my mother to stop asking me if I am in a cult this fall and winter ha ha ha. 

All you need is two thin coats of this polish to get a streak-free look. The fuchsia pearl in the black polish looks subtle on the nails. The polish in the bottle looks like it may be glittery but it does not look that way when it is applied.

The polish is currently out of stock on www.maccosmetics.com but it says that is coming soon. So keep your fingers crossed if you missed out on the first round.

Glossy Kissez,




3 thoughts on “Polished: MAC Baby Goth Girl

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  2. I can kick myself for passing this up the first time I saw it at Bloomies. I was thrown off by the chuncky glitter it appears to have. I eventually ordered thru Nordies.com and yup its on backorder…grrrrr can’t wait to get this!


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